Project overview

Gemdale Green Spring Dawn is a brand product built with confidence, quality and reputation by Gemdale Corporation, one of China’s top 10 listed real estate companies. Over the past decade, Gemdale Corporation has incessantly kept to its commitment to top product quality, adhered to the enterprise spirit of “delivering best performance and upholding business integrity” and “emphasizing professionalism, perfectionism and persistency”, and has constructed a number of reputable property projects for many cities in China. Taking “Innovation is the Soul” as its guideline and “product doctrine” as the goal of its pursuit, the Group has gradually become the spokesperson for masterpieces of architectural products. Gemdale Corporation has always led the trend of living style by creating masterpieces in different development stages, which were evidenced by its early products such as Golden Bay Garden, Gemdale Sea View Green Bay, Gemdale Green Town in Beijing and Gemdale Homage Hill in Shenzhen. Today, Gemdale Green Spring Dawn has triggered once again a tide of townhouse living in the international metropolis-Shanghai.

As the first project developed by Gemdale Corporation in Shanghai, Gemdale Green Spring Dawn is situated at Nanxiang, one of the four historical towns in Shanghai. The town has a history of 1,500 years, and has rich cultural heritages and many historic attractions such as the 480-year-old Yi Garden, a brick Buddhist pagoda built in the Five Dynasties and Yunxiang Temple. Located in the northwest part of Shanghai, Nanxiang is the northwest hub of Greater Shanghai, connecting downtown area and Jiading district. It is adjacent to Putuo District and close to the Outer Ring Road, about 15-minute drive from Hongqiao International Airport and 18 kilometers from the People's Square. Around it, the planning R3 rail transit line, M7 metro line, the Middle Ring Road (under construction) and the Outer Ring Road as well as Hujia Expressway compose a highway network leading to all directions, together with dozens of bus lines serving between the downtown and the surrounding towns. In view of the above facts, Nanxiang has very convenient transportation conditions. The International Automobile City and the International Formula One Racing Circuit with a total investment of RMB50 billion also contributed remarkable prospects to the development of Nanxiang. Gemdale Corporation is about to start the 2,100 mu of Gemdale Green World which will become a residential community with around 15,000 residents, and build Nanxiang into a residential zone to accommodate the new middle class of Shanghai.

The project lies on Zhennan Road, Nanxiang Town, close to R3 light rail line, about three kilometers from the Outer Ring Road, and is just a 10-minute drive from the newly built International Formula One Racing Circuit. The project covers an area of 140,000 m2, the townhouse community has a planned gross floor area of about 90,000 m2. The project is the prelude of the upcoming Gemdale Green World, a 2,100-mu small town with worldwide architectural styles. As the first development project of the 2,100-mu land, Gemdale Green Spring Dawn represents the Group’s concept of creating top product quality, integrating organically many features of traditional townhouses and re-optimizing these features. The living area designed by a world-class master-EDFA demonstrates a quality life of the urban backbone through its living philosophy represented by the five connotations and quadruple courtyards. After a year’s marketing and promotion, Gemdale Green Spring Dawn has successfully completed the sales of Phases I and II, and has established its reputation and recognition in the Shanghai’s real estate market. Upon the completion of the GREEN Living Museum (community commercial facilities), Gemdale Green Spring Dawn, disseminating its mature beauty, has entered into its countdown stage for final promotion.

Aimed at the elite of the city, the cosy and unblemished “homeland” of Gemdale Green Spring Dawn has managed to build a homeland with noble living quality. Based on the idea of living a tasteful life, the project focuses on the designs of life details, aiming to create a natural, fresh, quiet humanistic living environment. The people-oriented concept of the “Scenic Housing”, “Natural Home” and “Green Dwelling” interprets living philosophy as life and vacation, life and enjoyment, life and nature as well as life and humanities to the elite of the city, which can realized exclusively what life is like living in Gemdale’s townhouse community.

The innovative services of "Experiential Marketing" has invented a new marketing style in Shanghai and created a model demonstration environment beforehand, which allows customers to experience the scenario of a future dignified life at the purchasing stage. Gemdale Property, one of the top three property management companies of the PRC, has stationed in the project in advance. Gemdale Property is also one of the first batch of class A property management enterprises recognized by the Ministry of Construction of the PRC, and an executive director member of the China Association of Property Management. After a 10-year intensive cultivating, Gemdale Property has gradually established its excellent property management brand based on the philosophy of "service creates value". To raise the overall standardized, meticulous management model and service processes, Gemdale Property has set up its paramilitary management team, to provide premium services on a 24-hour/7-day per week basis and to ensure the provision of the best quality property services. The considerate “butler” service is now providing the elite of the city with comfortable, peaceful and cosy homes where their hearts belong.