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Project overview

The land site is located in the Huanggang port at southern tip of the Futian District, Shenzhen. It is adjacent to the Shenzhen River on the south and Lok Ma Chau Bridge and Huanggang port on the east. There are five high-rise residential buildings completed on the north. Not far from its northern border is Guangshen Highway. Nearby in the west is Huanggang metro station under construction. The Gateway stands opposite to Hong Kong across a river, serving as a gateway of Hong Kong into Shenzhen. The project covers a site area of 29,451.6 m2 , with a total GFA of 228,422 m2 , including about 163,000 m2  for residential purpose and more than 30,000 m2  for commercial purpose. As the first project for redevelopment  of “village in city”  advocated  by the Government, this project has attracted much attention.