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Project overview

Gemdale – Foshan Kow Loon Jade project is the first high-end luxury residential project of Gemdale Group in Foshan. It is located on the west of Nanhai South Avenue and nouth of Shenning Road in Chancheng District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, with total site area of 190,000 m2 and GFA of 310,000 m2. This project is located in Asia Arts Park district, which is the future central living district (CLD) of Chancheng District, while Chancheng District is the centre of Foshan in terms of politics, economic, culture and education. As the key district under development in the south of Foshan, the lake view district of Asia Arts Park in Chancheng District grew rapidly in recent years and became a top class residential area in Foshan with an increasing number of luxurious housing developments. Gemdale – Kow Loon Jade enjoys all the convenience and communal benefits brought about by the ancillary facilities in its neighbourhood. To its north, there is the scenic Asia Arts Park covering an area of 400,000 m2, while prestigious educational institutions such as Huaying Secondary School and Experimental Primary School are located in the south. Kow Loon Jade is in close proximity to health care and public facilities such as No. 1 Municipal Hospital, Lvjinglu Station of the Guangzhou-Foshan Metro and Lingnan Mingzhu Gymnasium. In terms of transportation, the project is adjacent to well-developed transportation networks, in particular, Nanhai Avenue to its east linked the urban area of Guicheng to the north and Chen Village of Shunde to the south, and a trip to the entrance/exit of First-Ring Road only takes 5 minutes by car, enabling the residents to gain easy access to the Guangzhou-Foshan metropolitan area.