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Project overview

Gemdale Hibiscus Aristo is located on a high terrace. The overall architectural concept is to build this project into a high-grade residential community with an atmosphere of a European-style mountain town, through transforming terrains based on the existing state so as to create a picturesque central landscape that can improve the quality of the residential area and better complement the surrounding environment. As for parking convenience, car parking spaces are available under each residential building so that each house owner can park his/her car within easy reach. This design can increase green area and improve overall community quality. According to the landscape characteristic of each parcel of land, the project is divided into different residential zones, namely, the townhouse villa zone, semi-detached villa zone, garden villa zone, multi-storey zone and the clubhouse area. Each zone has a different landscape based on its terrain features and architectural style. The townhouse villa zone stresses on “privacy and prestige”, while the semi-detached villa zone pursues “an exquisite villa-like life style” and the garden villa zone focuses on “delights, communications and episodes”; while the multi-storey zone, it emphasizes on “chic and classy”, and the clubhouse area demonstrates “superb quality and prestige”. These designs aim to build the community into a resource-oriented luxurious residential community capitalizing on its own terrain advantages.