Project overview

Located at the intersection of Xinzhou South Road and Furong Road in Futian District, Shenzhen, Gemdale Sea-view Green Bay comprises eight 28 to32-storey high rise buildings and eight 8 to 11-storey semi-high rise buildings. As a new representative of the city’s sea-view residential property, this project, in addition to its beautiful view of the mangrove forest and Shenzhen Bay, is also the only high-grade large-scale housing estate in proximity to that part of the city centre. As part of a large and matured residential community developed in stages over years, Gemdale’s sew-view residence has further demonstrated the luxury and convenience of a high-grade residential community by taking advantage of the scenic sea view and natural mangroves. Sea-view Green Bay, as the last project in this mature residential area which has benefited a lot from the comprehensive advantages brought about by the previous projects, perfectly portraits an ideal life in Green Bay as “enjoying the scenic view of green forest and blue sea just 300 meters in front of your windows and accessing to the prosperity of the city centre 1,500 meters from your home” .