Company Profile

Gemdale was founded in 1988 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China and started to operate the real estate business in 1993. Listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2001 (stock code: 600383.SH), Gemdale become one of the first listed real estate company that ran business across the country. Currently, Gemdale’s businesses include development and sales and decoration of residences, development and sales and operating of commercial real estate, real-estate financing, property service and community operating, international education featuring tennis and sports business. Gemdale is running residential and commercial projects scattering in 31 Chinese cities and 5 American cities.

The annual real estate sales income in 2015 reached about USD9.4 billion with a sales area of about 48.0 million square feet; at the end of 2015, Gemdale enjoys a land reserve of about 283.0 million square feet and the total asset of about USD21.2 billion with the net asset of about USD5.1 billion.

Committed to promoting the science of living, we have provided standard and series residential properties for more than 320,000 families in China over the past 28 years. We have received the AAA credit ratings in the Chinese Construction Enterprise System and the Real-Estate Development Qualification Certificate Level 1. Based on our deep understanding in customers' values, we have released eight series of standards projects, including the Brown-stone, Eminence, Green, China-chic, Future, Azure, Aristo and Colorful-center, to coincide with different values and needs of customers in different ages. Thanks to our proactive study on customers’ lifestyles, we have innovatively unveiled the Five-elaboration Decoration Home, 360° Healthy Home, Life Smart Home, Life Enjoy Home, G-apartment etc. to perfectly meet customers’ needs.

In 2012, Gemdale acquired Frasers Property Limited listed at the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (stock code: 535.HK) and renamed it Gemdale Properties and Investment in 2013. Gemdale PI has emerged as a leading real-estate developer and operator in the Great China region with a business scope including the investment, development and operation of boutique residential, city complexes, office buildings, five-star and boutique hotels, industrial parks and innovative office and apartment leasing. Currently, the company has run projects in 15 cities in South, North, East, Central, Northwest, Northeast, Southeast and Southwest China. In 2015, Gemdale PI recorded a sales income of USD1.7 billion with a land reserve of over 108.0 million square feet. The total area of commercial properties have ever been under its management reached 120.6 million square feet. By the end of 2015, the total assets of Gemdale Properties and Investment reached USD3.8 billion with a net asset of USD1.5 billion.

Gemdale started to explore the financial business in 2006 and is one of the first real-estate companies engaged in this sector. Wins Investment is the real-estate private equity management company established by Gemdale. In 2008, Wins jointly launched the first USD real-estate fund in China, UBS/Gemdale China Real Estate Fund. By the end of 2015, the total management RMB and USD asset has reached RMB22.4 billion and USD0.2 billion respectively, totaling to USD3.6 billion. Wins has ranked among the lists of TOP10 Chinese real-estate funds released by Zero2IPO Group and China Venture for five consecutive years. Wins has offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Wins Money was founded in November 2015 as Gemdale’s internet financial platform, which aims at meeting the needs of customers when they purchase as well as maintain their properties, provides on-line financing services for the real-estate industry-wide chain, such as supply chain finance, real estate related wealth investment and consumer finance, in collaboration with Wins Investment, Gemlend and Gemdale Property. JIAJIAYIN developed by Wins Money was online in May 2016 as an internet wealth investment platform which is supposed to give a full range of financial solutions to personal wealth investment and community financing by linking the two together.

In April 2014, Gemdale and Lincoln Property jointly developed two office buildings in the CBD of San Francisco and tapped into the U.S. real-estate market. Currently, Gemdale has been developing office buildings, commercial projects, apartments and R&D buildings in cities including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose and Boston. With offices in the west coast and the east coast, Gemdale continues seeking new opportunities in the U.S.  

In addition to real estate development, Gemdale has always paid attention to customers’ living experience. Therefore, we established Gemdale Property in 1993 which is one of the first Chinese property management companies with the National Level 1 qualification and the standing director member of the China Property Management Institute. Currently, it has emerged as a leading provider of community and asset management services. Gemdale Property manages a total area of nearly 646.0 million square feet and serves about 1.5 million people in more than 50 Chinese cities. It has been ranking first on the list of China Top100 Property Service Providers for consecutive 6 years. In 2015, the Gallup Index of customer satisfaction of the company reached 94%, ranking high in the sector. The brand value of the company reached USD425.2 million, ranking No.1 among peers in China in 2015.

In August 2016, I New Home Science and Technology Life Service Co., Ltd , an Internet decoration company affiliated to Gemdale Corporation, was officially registered. By virtue of the Internet thinking and tools, it commits itself to providing customers with standardized, transparent and highly cost effective decoration products. Considering the user experience as the core and the customer satisfaction as the highest standard, it relies on Gemdale's 28 years of experience in providing high quality residences to users to develop a unique core competence in decoration quality and service and provides customers with a reassuring experience of decoration.

Gemdale also keeps exploring the sports and international education businesses. In 2003, we established Grandale Sports, which is the compressive operation platform of international education and sports business. It provides tennis-featured international education, operations of stadiums and tournaments, value-added services related to tennis star, team and tourism. It owns nearly 100 tennis courts in cities including Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing, which make it the largest tennis club chain operator in China. In the professional tennis field, Grandale is one of the operators of world-class tournaments including ATP, WTA and ITF as well as domestic events including the Nike Cup and China Junior Tennis Masters Tour in China. In the amateur tennis field, Grandale is a leading provider of Kangle tennis training for adults and Yinke tennis training for children with more than 30 PTR and ITF certified Chinese and foreign coaches. In the international education field, Grandale International School boasts a perfect match of sports and education, knowledge and action as well as Chinese and western elements.

Based on customers’ recognition, market acceptance, creditability and performance, we have being on the lists of China Real-Estate Blue Chip and the China Top10 Listed Real-estate Companies for 12 consecutive years. We have also been one of the Top10 China Responsible Real Estate Enterprises for 5 consecutive years. In addition, Gemdale has been named as one of the Top5 Valuable China Real-estate Companies Listed, and received various prizes including the 2015 China Real-estate Product Innovation Prize and 2015 China Green Real-state Companies Top20.

Gemdale will keep seeking to create greater value for customers and marching towards the goal of becoming the most valuable international company in China.