Over the past two score years, the world has seen the phenomenon of economic globalization. Over the past three decades, China has embraced the greatest revival in history; and over the past twenty years, Gemdale has witnessed the greatest urbanization process in Chinese history. As a result, a population of more than 300 million have fulfilled their dreams of settling down, working and living in cities, and so a booming number of the world’s greatest property enterprises have emerged. Gemdale people have aligned their own dreams with China’s national construction, and with their arduous work and concerted efforts, have made Gemdale one of the most competitive property enterprises in China.

For the next twenty years from now, the Chinese economy will continue to be driven by the urbanization process, and the driving force of the world’s economy, currently being developed countries, will gradually be replaced by emerging economies. While sharing the fruitful results of economic growth of emerging economies, Gemdale will capitalize on this historical opportunity and continue to vigorously participate in the state’s urbanization construction and to globalize its business, to introduce China’s experience and competence of urbanization to the whole world, to bring Chinese culture reaching out to the world and to allow more people with different skin colours in different parts of the world to enjoy improved living experience and upgraded lifestyles. Gemdale aims at establishing not only an internationalized business platform, but also a bridge linking China to the world.

Faithful and persistent fulfilment of obligations is key to the subsistence and sustainable development of enterprises Customers are fundamental to corporate development. We have been perseveringly providing our customers with premium living space and adorable living environment by adhering to the philosophy of “treat people with sincerity and provide customer-oriented products and services”. The “people-oriented” spirit advocated by Gemdale represents not only an attitude or approach, but also the basic philosophy of our growth. It recognizes the value and dignity of human beings with a focus on humanity and the interests of mankind, thus incorporating human beings into the nature and humanistic history, and on the basis of which we interpret and develop our products.

Gemdale’s healthy development is also attributable to the trust and support of our shareholders. While acknowledging its responsibility for its shareholders and shareholders’ capital, Gemdale will strive to stay rational in various aspects such as industry structure, development regions, and operation and management, and will always cherish and make the best use of shareholders’ capital, with a view to secure long-term return for shareholders.

With accumulated experience and inspirations in practice, we have developed an in-depth understanding that responsibility is not just fulfilling promises, but taking our customers and shareholders as the source of value. In other words, to undertake responsibility means not only to honor commitments, but more importantly, to jointly create and maximize value with customers and shareholders.

Adhering to the strategy of “One Core, Two Wings” for future development With further development of economic globalization, the tide of urbanization will sweep across emerging economies, and will greatly boost the demand of the whole society for residential properties, commercial properties and real estate financing. The extension and integration of the industrial chain of the real estate industry will become an important trend in the structural transformation of the real estate industry in the future. Gemdale is committed to building itself as an internationalized real estate conglomerate with the most distinctive competitive edge through adopting the strategy of “focusing on the core business of residential property development while supplementing it with commercial property development and financial business”, which is based on in-depth understanding of the development trend of the real estate industry. Taking residential property development as its priority, Gemdale will expand its business in more cities and provide its customers with unrivalled living experience through further optimizing its product portfolio. Gemdale will also develop commercial properties to satisfy the needs of urban life and provide more commercial properties with modern facilities and amenities for shopping, leisure and entertainment. Gemdale’s real estate financing business integrates properties with financial business and provides its customers with diversified wealth management products and services.

In the next three to five years, Gemdale’s residential properties, commercial properties and real estate finance sectors will achieve business synergy under the “one core, two wings” strategy, which will effectively drive the development of its main business and support the development of its commercial properties and real estate finance sectors. Gemdale’s business model will become the core competitive edge of the Group.

Grapping golden opportunities of this era to realize leap forward development The continuously emerging and growing cities are the milestones marking the progress of modernization. They tell stories of the past and also shape the future. Urbanization will continue to be the main theme for the development of emerging economies. It indicates that, in the context of internationalization, the real estate industry will still have great development potential and bright prospect. Gemdale will strive to create values for, and at the same time, share values with the world, to win respect for the Group and win reputation for the country.