The Musical Madierda by Little Gemdale Owners Lights up Shanghai Grand Theatre


On the evening of August 28, the originally adapted musical Madierda of the “2016 Gemdale Art Season: Living Amazingly” was performed at Shanghai Grand Theatre. Mr. John Edwards, British Consul General, Shanghai and his family, Mr. Tony Clemson, Deputy British Consul-General, Shanghai and his family, General Wang Zujie, Chairman of the China Society for Musical Studies (CSMS) under the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China (former Head of the Song and Dance Ensemble of General Political Department of the Chinese People's Liberation Army), Mr. Wang Daocheng, Vice Chairman of the CSMS, Mr. Wang Lili, a leader from the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Mr. Mohamed Drissi, Dean of the Department of Music of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and other honored guests, accompanied by guests from Gemdale East China and more than 500 owner representatives and parents of little performers, watched the performance Madierda of the 2016 Gemdale Art Season at the theatre. With joint efforts from more than 30 Gemdale children and a musical professional from London West, a fantastic art feast was present before audience in Shanghai  

The originally adapted musical Madierda, tells a story about a genius girl Madierda who read almost all masterworks at the age of 4 and fought against the evil school principal together with her friends. The performance was starred by little Gemdale owners who barely had any performing experience, but turned out to be a successful one thanks to the brilliant talent, endeavor and team work of Gemdale children through one month’s hard training.