New Practice of Gemdale in Facing with the Change of Times - Chairman Ling Ke Attends the 2016 Bo'ao Real Estate Forum


During August 10 - 13, 2016, the 2016 Bo'ao Real Estate Forum - the Award Ceremony of the 2016 China Real Estate Fashion Awards was held in Hainan. Leaders from real estate, finance, academic and media were gathering at the event, including Mr. Zhu Zhongyi, former Vice Chairman of the China Real Estate Association, Mr. Fan Gang, Vice President of the China Society of Economic Reform, Mr. Ba Shusong, Chief Economist of the China Banking Association, Mr. Jia Kang, Researcher of the Chinese Academy of Fiscal Sciences under the Ministry of Finance of the People's Republic of China, Mr. Chichung Chan, Chairman of Hang Lung Group Limited, Mr. Luo Zhenyu, CEO of CapitalLand China, Mr. Zen Weipao, Chairman of Road King Infrastructure Limited, and Mr. Lin Zhong, Chairman of CIFI Group. As a core guest of the event, Mr. Ling Ke, Chairman of Gemdale was present at the forum and delivered a speech on the first day.

In his speech titled as New Practice of Gemdale in Facing with the Change of Times, Chairman Ling elaborated on the inevitable development trends of diversified business and internationalized layout for real estate enterprises in the context of the macroeconomic law, the Chinese economic transition and the industry and enterprise development trends, and introduced Gemdale's exploration, practices and gains in real estate, internationalization and sports. The speech proved to be a valuable reference to all parties present at the event.

Chairman Ling said that the traditional residential real estate business still had a huge development potential and was a major business of Gemdale as always. But what changed was that the Chinese real estate enterprises should try diversified business and internationalization to strengthen its market competitiveness while maintaining a rapid growth in residential business.

Regarding the diversified real estate businesses, Chairman Ling believed that in the context of the national economic transition and the industrial structure upgrading, the Chinese real estate enterprises should also undertake more comprehensive functions and seize the opportunities to develop a variety of real estate businesses including commercial real estate, industrial real estate, logistics real estate, cultural and creative real estate. Diversification of the real estate businesses could not only result in a strong synergistic effect for investment and development of the residential business, but also enhance the overall competitive strength of enterprises. The future would only offer a more special development space to those real estate enterprises that were diversified and inclusive.

Chairman Ling continued to introduce the exploration and practice of Gemdale in the industrial real estate. He pointed out that in the process of developing the industrial real estate, it was necessary to combine products with services and provide a high-level industrial development ecosystem that was both hardware and software qualified to attract hi-tech enterprises in AI and life sciences urgently desirable to cities in China. The process of introducing leading international enterprises to China was also a process of the Chinese economic structure upgrade. In the meantime, Chairman Ling also invited outstanding enterprises to join Gemdale in contributing more to the practices in the industrial real estate and facilitate the national economic transition.

Regarding the internationalization of the real estate business, Chairman Ling pointed out that there was almost no exception that great enterprises in the world were characterized by global layout and localized development. This was of profound reference meaning to Chinese enterprises on their way towards the world stage. Only with a globalized investment layout and strategic insights into the international market can a company capture more market opportunities and hence make its way towards the leadership. Later, Chairman Ling also introduced the investment and business development of Gemdale in New York, Boston, San Francisco and Los Angelas, and again analyzed and verified the inevitability of the internationalization of the real estate from the perspective of investment return and market equilibrium.

In addition, Chairman Ling also shared with guests the practice of Gemdale in the sports industry. As a chief sponsor of the WTA and the ATP World Tour, Gemdale has been committed to promoting the development of the Chinese tennis industry, and spared no effort in developing professional players and popularizing tennis in the public. Currently it has become the most outstanding tennis education and club operator in China. Meanwhile, in view of his personal observation and thinking on the development laws of several industries in the world, Chairman Ling indicated from the perspectives like big data of population and development path of developed countries that the future of China's health and medical industries was promising.

When it came to the interaction part of the forum, the smart and humorous interaction between Chairman Ling, Mr. Chichung Chan, Chairman of Hang Lung Group Limited, and others received loud applause from the audience. Guests like Mr. Zen Weipao, Chairman of Road King Infrastructure Limited, recognized the practice of Gemdale in the internationalization of the real estate business. Scholars and enterprises expressed their appreciation and esteem for Gemdale's in-depth thinking and pioneering practice in the diversification and internationalization of the real estate business as a leading enterprise in the real estate industry and a main force in the change of times.

Established in 2001, Bo'ao Real Estate Forum is an industry-wide forum that has the longest history, the highest standard and the largest size in the Chinese real estate industry. It is also the most authoritative and influential event in the industry, and a summit where real estate leaders in the world gather and meet up with each other, where different thoughts collides with each other, where the wisdom clashes with the technology. As a key guest of the event, Chairman Ling had been invited to deliver key speeches for several times. As an outstanding enterprise representative in the industry, Gemdale had won several awards on the forum for consecutive years.