The architectural style of the project is following the brown stone townhouse in Shanghai with similar cultural background, demonstrating a prestigious, dainty and elegant life style. Brown stone townhouse is an architectural style emerging in the 1850s in New York. Its façade was built with brown stones. And most of its residents were scholars and intellectuals of the middle class. With the development of the history, brown stone townhouse not only represents the brick color of classical style, it also becomes a symbol of the sober and self-restrained middle class. The design of Art Wonderland combines exotic culture with the architectural style of Old Shanghai. It stresses on values. By leveraging on architectural language, Art Wonderland retains its noble and elegant style, and incorporates the elements of brown stone townhouse into the expressions of modern architecture. The appropriate use of sloping roofs, local building materials and simple molding in combination with Shanghai cultural elements create a living space with a classic nostalgic atmosphere but full of modern style. This brown stone townhouse residence also emphasizes architecture details which are manifested through the treatment of such details as the change of color in external wall moldings, roofs, eaves and outward window sills and finally forms the present simple classic style.