The architectural style of brown stone townhouse was originated from the Upper West Side of New York. It creates a traditional culture of the West and reflects the community culture of the life of the upper-class. In the late 19th century and early 20th century, the middle class began to emerge in England, with the spread of the Industrial Revolution. In the world-famous British institutions of higher learning, the unique “red brick universities”, which truly belonged to the middle class, came into being. And as a symbol of special architecture, it began to spread across Europe and the United States and has lasted till today. The typical representatives of the brown stone architecture are buildings in the Upper West Side of New York and in the university district of Boston. Since the 1970s, the Upper West Side of New York has become a most enviable residential district because of its privileged location. On its east is the Boulevard of the Central Park, on its west are the Riverside Park and Lincoln Center, the rendezvous of performing arts, which makes it more prestigious. During the same period, the university district of Boston City also began to get renowned, and universities of higher learning such as Yale University, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other institutions has also became renowned for many years for the same kind of classic architecture.