project profile

  Wuhan Art Wonderland is Gemdale Group’s first real estate project developed in Wuhan Optics Valley. Wuhan Optics Valley, after Beijing Zhongguancun, is the State’s second pilot zone for outsourcing services industry. There are five major industrial parks in the valley zone: namely, photoelectron industrial park, bio-medical industrial park, new energy industrial park, entrepreneur industrial park and equipment manufacturing industrial park. The establishment of each industrial park and the stationing of various large enterprises as well as large-scale investments from and concerted efforts of the local government will be strong support for a sustained and rapid development of the Optics Valley in the future. In 2011, total revenue of the enterprises operating in the Optics Valley amounted to RMB381.0 billion, an 800-fold increase with an annual growth rate of 30% over the past 20 years, accounting for over half of Wuhan’s GDP. Wuhan Optics Valley has now become a most dynamic zone  in Wuhan. It is also the location of Gemdale’s first original brown stone townhouse residence. Wuhan Art Wonderland, after Shanghai Art Wonderland, is Gemdale’s second product of the brown stone series. It is a representation of the 50-year-old American-style brown stone townhouse in Wuhan, and also a dedication to Wuhan elites who pursue ideal life. In Wuhan Art Wonderland, every piece of architectural works, from the delicate and elegant gate, the knocker, the decorative iron railings, the red brick sidewalk, to a round-the-corner café, is an incarnation of everlasting classic architecture. These reminiscent objects together help create a nostalgic atmosphere, recalling your memory of the times of Audrey Hepburn and representing the classic works of Belle Epoque.  
  The 420,000㎡ community of brown stone townhouses of original American style is mainly composed of garden houses, medium-height buildings and high-rise buildings. Each housing unit in the elevator-installed brown stone garden house has a floor area of 200㎡, almost the size of a villa. It offers receding mesas and enables each unit to have its own private space.
  The “one staircase, two units” medium-height buildings consist of finely furnished housing units with a floor area ranging from 110 m2 to 140 m2.  It is the dedicated work of Gemdale. The high-rise buildings consist of housing units with a floor area ranging from 88 m2 to 140 m2. The creative design of unit type provides more changeable space.
  This residential community possesses an 11,600 m2 public space, a star-level club house, a 24-class kindergarten and a 36-class primary school. It has good living atmosphere with some high-end residential communities such as Wanke Charm City and Gushangju lying around.