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6000m2 of brown stone commercial streets aimed to complete ideal community facilities
Pure American-style commercial streets with artistic statues everywhere, these streets not only resemble the vintage style and living environment of the early 20th Century, but also reveal the lifestyle and attitude of that time. You may have a cup of cappuccino at an open air cafe or listen to a piece of jazz music when strolling along the brown stone streets. The 24-hour convenient stores and pharmacies also make your life more pleasant and convenient.
International ecological residential district at Erchengnan
Being the only national-level economic development zone in close proximity to Yangzhou, many renowned foreign enterprises such as ROEWE, CHUANQIGUANGDIAN, WOOREE, POWERLOGICS and TOPENGINEERING have gathered in this district. With their superior strengths and international vision, this district will emerge to become a new international ecological residential district with huge development potential.
20000㎡ of Ancient Canal Houwan Park
Embraced by nature, Gemdale Art Wonderland enjoys the benefits of the ancient canal waterscape park. This park is comparable to New York Central Park, with the bush, grass and flowers vigorously landscaping the beautiful Brown Stone streets. Strolling along the footpaths, walking your dog along the riverside and having picnics with family members just make one feels like recapturing the leisure and passion of waterfront living in old time Boston.