project profile

Gemdale River Town is a quality product of Gemdale Corporation designed to improve the living conditions of first-time home buyers in Beijing. As a demo product of the Eminence Series, one of the four major product lines of Gemdale, Gemdale River Town adheres to the exquisite and elegant style of Gemdale developed over the past 23 years and the philosophy of building homes in a scientific way, and focuses on the brand connotation of “leading human-oriented living”, so as to provide a comprehensive lifestyle solution for first-time home buyers in the Chinese capital.

Gemdale River Town is located at Changyang, where the government offices and central business district of Fangshan District are located. On its east lies the Xiaoqing River and a forest park covering an area of 10,000 hectares, where fresh air and beautiful environment contribute to a perfect fusion of people and nature. On its west is the cultural artery of the city – the University City, which has plenty of educational resources and a rich humanistic atmosphere. Currently, 95% of the owners hold bachelor degrees or above and over 80% of them hold master degrees, and 20% of them even have PhD degrees, thereby forming a unique intellectual and humanistic community. 500 meters to the south of the project is the North Station of University City along the Fangshan Metro Line, providing the owners with unsurpassed convenience of public transportation. To the north side, the project is within easy reach to excellent shopping facilities of the central shopping district (CSD), providing one-stop solution for entertainment and shopping. The Armed Police General Hospital, a grade-A hospital, will be relocated to a site one kilometer to the south of the project, supporting the community with convenient medical services. The project site will have its own kindergarten, primary and secondary schools and well-known primary and secondary schools in Beijing will also be introduced. These educational facilities with the project will help solve the problem of 13-year general education and school transportation arrangement for children of our residents.