project profile

Gemdale Mingfeng is located at the golf ecological district of Longgang city centre, Shenzhen, and it is another legend of mountain lifestyle created by Gemdale after Xiangmishan. It is the first housing estate in Shenzhen with pure duplex apartments. With its unique development concept of the 2nd generation of duplex units for “ultimate improvement”, Gemdale Mingfeng will become a benchmark project of Gemdale’s Eminence series, as well as an excellent representative of Gemdale’s mainstream products in Shenzhen. Each unit of this project has a GFA of 89m2 with 4 bedrooms, 1 living room and 1 dinning room, N+2 duplex layout with ample space for expansion. The space above the living room comprises the master bedroom, a study room and guest rooms. The open style study room has a small balcony, standard width 2.7m, can also be used as a living room.