project profile

Shenyang Changqingwan Project is located at the east side of Changqingqiao in Hunnan New District, Shenyang. This project is encompassed by Hunan Avenue on its south, Hun River on its north, Guihua Road (a 50-metre-wide road currently under planning) on its east and Wenle Street on its west, covering a site area of 760,000m2 with planned GFA of 1,400,000m2. The project comprises of connected townhouses, mid-rise and high-rise apartments. This project enjoys excellent geographical and landscaping resources. On its south is Shenyang Hunnan University City, and on its north is the scenic view of Hun River. The project also has hundreds of big trees spreading across its site and a 30-meter wide green belt (above the oil pipelines) and a 70-meter-wide river running through it.