project profile

Sheshan Azure project has total site area of 315 mu, a planned plot ratio of 1.0 and a green coverage rate of 51.9%, which is really rare for a villa project to have such low plot ratio and high green coverage rate. The project has total GFA of 210,000 m2 and is developed in two phases. Among which, Phase I is comprised of two blocks and one clubhouse, with total GFA of over 100,000m2, and a total of 383 villas are to be built. To the west of the community is Song Tang River, a 50-meter-wide natural river; to its north is Yejin Road, also known as Yinxing Road, the Yingbin Road of the community; to its east is Xinxi River, an artificial river, which, together with Song Tang River, forms the optimal Fengshui pattern of Shuang Long Bao Zhu (two dragons embracing a pear), and to its south is a new road under planning. The new Sheshan International Community where the Sheshan Azure project is located, is a landmark area of luxurious properties completed with high-end amenity facilities in Shanghai. To the south of the project is Sheshan Sofitel Hotel, a five-star luxurious hotel in Shanghai. In its vicinity are several five-star hotels including Le Meridien She Shan Shanghai, and Shimao Pit Hotel under construction. The project is approximately 1.5 kilometer away from Sheshan Station of Shanghai Metro Line 9, and will also have the convenience of easy access to Metro Line 20 (namely Qingpu Line, the west extension of Metro Line 20), which is currently under construction in the area.