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Hangzhou Tinyat Mansion is located at the intersection of Jincheng Road and Fengqing Road, which is at the middle of the central axis of Xianghu New City. It is only 1.5 kilometer from Xiang Lake and Xiu Bo Park,on the south and just 200 meters from Bin Kang Station of Metro Line 1 on the north. on the superstructure above Bin Kang station is the Bin Kang Complex, the largest property complex along Metro Line 1 which is planned for development. The complex will comprise a commercial centre, a five-star luxurious hotel, an office building and a direct-access transportation hub which, upon completion, will offer comprehensive amenities for Hangzhou Tinyat Mansion in future and create huge potential for appreciation. Therefore, Hangzhou Tinyat Mansion is a premium-grade metro line property development rarely found in Hangzhou city.