Gemdale Culture
Aggressiveness: be higher in goals and faster in competition, be fearless to overcome challenge and to contribute continuously.
To maintain high standard with stringent requirements, be fearless to take actions, to make improvement continuously, and believe many a little could make a mickle in order to achieve a leap forward.
Accountability: be responsible for one’s duties and obligations.
To make best efforts in fulfilling one’s duties and obligations. To take each step (including the first step) in the production process as the final step, and to take normal and routine steps as an important mission.
Initiative: taking more responsibility rather than relief
When responsibilities are not clearly separated, please take a step forward; when there is a vacancy, please take the initiative to fill the vacancy; and when facing difficulties, please do not try to avoid fulfilling responsibilities.
Cooperation: teamwork is essential to mutual success.
To achieve the target of the overall success of the team through completing a large project together.
Trust: open-minded, self-confidence and mutual trust.
To communicate and interact in an open way during work, and try to win the trust of others through professional performance, be self-confident, trust others and be reliable in order to promote mutual trust.
Compliance: staff who fails to comply with rules and regulations shall bear the consequences of penalty.
Rules and regulations are the effective mechanism to prevent risks at work. Please comply with the rules, and be a person of integrity and self-disciplined.