Gemdale Culture

Science is an evolving concept that respects the order of nature. It is an inclusive pluralistic conception of values, a rational attitude toward excellence and a habit of pursuing perfection.

The essence of science is to care for human’s needs. Therefore, we believe scientific governance structure and development model are the backbone of Gemdale’s immortal achievements. Accordingly, Gemdale will keep taking science as the guidance, applying scientific instruments, methods and vision, to carry them out to their full breadth and greatness and create ideal life.

Our Vision: Be a most valuable Chinese conglomerate with international operation

With global vision and international standards and taking value creation as its objective, Gemdale is committed to providing excellent products and services to its customers and excellent opportunities of career development to its staff, creating sustained value for its shareholders and partners, and assuming social responsibilities.

Core values: Be devoted and be sincere; Be brave and be a dreamer

Be devoted and be sincere
Devotion comes from our passion for our cause. We will work wholeheartedly to challenge ourselves and realize a leap from good to great.
Sincerity represents honest personality and winning trust with integrity. We will follow the spirit of seeking truth and work diligently to achieve what we have promised.
Be brave and be a dreamer
Forging ahead represents the positive attitude for life and cause; while making achievements requires the resolution and valor to achieve a goal. To advance and make greater achievements, we should start from knowing the actual conditions, have the courage to break the routines and be ready to accept new things, so that we can keep pace with the times and make greater achievements one after another.
Cherishing a dream forever is the power for pursuing excellence and realizing a leap from good to great. It stands for the persistent pursuit of a dream and a commitment made by staff of Gemdale to themselves and to the future. A great dream calls for a long voyage; a great dream is a guide to action. We will cherish a dream forever and achieve greater success in the future!

Development Concept

I. Development is our top agenda.
II. Performance determines our value, while competitiveness is a matter of survival.
III. Innovate for new development, and take an open-minded attitude for greater development and concerted efforts for long-term development.

Our development concept sets forth the priority, principles and main drivers of development.
Interpretation of key terms:
Performance is the main duty of professional managers and the pursuit of Gemdale people.
Innovation, open-minded attitude and adherence are the main drivers for the development of Gemdale. We explore new opportunities for development through continuous system innovation, broaden our vision and grow bigger by taking an open-minded attitude, and maintain our sustainable competitiveness and realize overall development through concerted efforts and effective coordination.

Customer Concept

I. Customers are the base for our development.
II. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate criteria for performance evaluation.
III. Customer value determines resource allocation.
IV. Each of Gemdale staff is a customer service manager.

Our customer concept sets forth the proper methods to serve customers, to achieve customer satisfaction, to determine customer value and to provide customer service under the guidance of our customer-oriented principles.
Interpretation of key terms:
Customer value determines resource allocation.
Each of our employees is responsible for value creation and resource allocation, who shall devote more efforts to understand and perceive customer needs, satisfy changing customer needs and enhance customer value with their professional value.

Talent Concept

I. Staff training takes priority of property construction.
II. Make appraisals mainly by operating results and constantly strive for excellence.
III. Cherish ethical and professional merits and make the best of our people.
IV. Work aggressively and take responsibility with courage and foresight.
V. To become a most valuable management expert.

Our talent concept sets forth the basic principles for performance appraisal, the criteria for the deployment and selection of personnel, as well as the direction for training of staff.
Interpretation of key terms:
Make the best of our people: to identify, recognize and maximize each staff’s strengths.
Work aggressively and take responsibility with courage and foresight: to become a more aggressive and competitive professional manager of Gemdale, one should have the following attributes: pursuance, vision, capability, passion, commitment and contribution.
To become a most valuable management expert: we specialize in integration of resources. Taking technology as the wheels and management as the wings, professional management enables us to go further and higher. Management is not only the duty of management personnel, but also a compulsory course for each and every staff.